Lizzy’s Closet

Lizzy’s Closet

Image by Freepik

Lizzy’s Closet is a free, gently used clothing program for women in need.

Lizzy’s Closet will be officially re-opened on DECEMBER 11th!

Opening Hours: Monday’s 10:00 am- 2:00 pm
Donation Hours: Wednesday’s 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm

827 Seymour St, Kamloops

  • Please bring your own bags
  • The entrance is around the back of the building
  • We have a selection of seasonal clothing and business attire
  • Donations we accept:
    • Good condition, gently used women’s clothing
    • Bras, socks, nightware
    • Jewelry, sunglasses, purses, scarves, belts
    • Shoes
    • Period products
  • Donations we do not accept
    • stained, torn, unwashed clothing
    • underwear

Thank you Enbridge and their ongoing support of community betterment for helping us reinvigorate Lizzy’s Closet so that we can once again open our doors to the public!