Gender Equity Project

Gender Equity Project

The Gender Equity Project is led by the Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society.  The goal of this community-based EFRY project is to support systems change to address gender inequity in Kamloops by removing gender-based barriers that create discrimination against women, men, and gender-diverse people in our community.


  • Increase shared knowledge of gaps, barriers, assets, and action steps for addressing gender equity in Kamloops.
  • Work to break down silos and encourage collaboration among organizations serving cis-women, femme-identified non-binary and gender diverse people.
  • Identify ways to streamline the services that focus on women and gender diverse people ensuring that we utilize a grassroots approach based in community collaboration and implementation of key services.
  • Utilize an intersectional and decolonial lens to how we seek to create change.

Key Action Areas

  • Advancing inclusive policies and practices
  • Encouraging more effective and equitable sharing of resources
  • Increasing networks and collaboration to accelerate systemic change
  • Supporting positive distribution of authority, voices and decision-making power
  • Addressing persistent harmful gender norms and attitudes



The Gender Equity Workshops are developmental, facilitated, and interactive engagement opportunities for organizations and workplaces to learn and grow. Each module looks at specific topics around gender equity while engaging the participants to reflect on real-life examples and experiences. The facilitator then works with participants to consider goals for their workplaces and how these goals can be planned, achieved, and evaluated.

Currently, there are two modules available for you and your organization to engage: 1. Introduction to Gender Equity and 2. Decolonization and Intersectionality.

Interested in learning more?
Join the quarterly Gender Equity Roundtable.

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